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Software for satellite digital tuner PC card SkyStar2 based on B2C2 interface chip. The package contains:

  • Source filter

  • Program SkyView that uses the filter

  • Sample program SkySample with sources in Delphi - contains the filter interface for Delphi and VC

  • Library StreamReader.dll for reading data from the SkyStar2 card

Liability - This software is private. One can use it without my consent. I do not guarantee any features of the software. All side effects are unintentional and I do not take the responsibility for damages, which may arise in consequence. My intention is only and solely to develop software for my use and so I present it only for educational purposes.
Acknowledgements - special thanks I direct to Christian Hackbart without his incentive this software would never have come into existence. I thank also everyone who helped in testing and developing the software.
Questions and remarks please forward to skyavc@op.pl.
Author: Marfi
SkyAVC-NET (288 kB) or SkyAVC-Standard (289 kB) - "Direct Show Source Filter" for SkyStar2 card (ver., works with SkyView and also with programs DVBViewer (http://www.dvbviewer.com) and DVBPortal (http://www.dvbportal.de). Before using copy the file to work directory of the SKyView or in the case of DVBViewer copy to the directory "...\DVBViewer\Filters" or register by executing the command "regsvr32 ax" from the z directory where the filter is placed.

SkyAVC.ax Rel. 1.0.2, 1.0.3 - new features:

  • Modified user interface
  • Time shift 30 minutes (max. 3.5 h)
  • Two A/V streams from one transponder - allows for PIP (picture in picture)
  • Access to raw transport stream packets (RAW TS stream)
  • Access to the stream of A/V-PES packets
  • Callback for TS packets and processed feedback to A/V-PES stream

  • ver.1900:
    • Time shift for TS stream converted into MPEG (AV++)
    • Modified reaction for time discontinuity in MPEG streams
  • ver.2050 NET:
    • Network interface added - enables client-server mode of functioning
  • ver.2055 NET:
    • set_FullPES() function modified to enable filtering with Mediamatics, Elecerd, Intervideo, CyberLink filters. Audio filters require the execution of set_FullPES(2) which replaces the default MS decoder
  • ver.2117 NET:
    • Modified time stamping processing for PES packets for both AV streams
    • Server starts only when register contains the entry "IPAddress"
  • ver.2190 NET:
    • Modified MPEG recording function and time shift processing
  • ver.2330 NET:
    • Modified packet collection and time stamping functions
  • ver.2334 NET (22.02.2003):
    • Channel switching without filter stopping - works correctly only with some filters (Option: "Very fast switch" in SkyView)
  • ver.2359 NET (23.02.2003):
    • Network is alive again
  • ver.2377 NET (23.02.2003):
    • Data pin works again
  • ver.2405 NET (26.02.2003):
    • New A/V buffering and recording
  • ver.2424 NET (28.02.2003):
    • New function monitoring changes in Audio/Video stream (callback)
  • ver.2430 NET (02.03.2003):
    • "Data" output function enhanced
  • ver.2470 NET (05.03.2003):
    • Minor patches for MPEG output, data control corrected
  • ver.2480 NET (12.03.2003):
    • Minor patches related to EPG
  • ver.3155 NET (28.12.2004):
    • Minor bugs fixed
SkySample.zip (14 kB) - sample source code in Delphi (explains the filter interface SkyAVC.pas and SkyAVC.h) uses SkyAVC.ax (requires DirectShow files).
StreamReader.dll (22 kB) - library for data interfacing using satellite digital tuner PC card SkyStar2 based on B2C2 interface chip.
DEMO DIAG/TOOL/VIEWER - diagnostic program using most of the features of the SkyAVC.ax filter.
SkyView.exe (1006 kB) ver. 1.5070.0.1263 / 21.02.2005
SkyView.msi - INSTALL VERSION  (3.3 MB) ver. / 28.12.2004

SkyView program requirements:

  • Windows operating system (recommended Windows 2000)
  • SkyStar2 drivers installed (version 4.22 at least)
  • DirectX 8 installed (program was not tested with versions higher than 8.1)
  • SkyAVC-NET or SkyAVC-Standard, copy the file to work directory of the SKyView or register by executing the command "regsrv32.exe SkyAVC.ax" from the z directory where the filter is placed
  • Processor at least with a 500 MHz clock (enough power for receiving FTA channels)
  • Optionally one can install his favorite DirectX filters for decoding A/V

Channel settings on satellite transponders taken from SatcoDX web pages. These are text files in sdx format (e.g. Hotbird.sdx, Astra.sdx).
One can examine the current DirectX filter connection diagram by plugging MS "graphedt.exe" to working Skyview. It is possible to modify this connection diagram and save it in the work directory for future SkyView use. In case of problems delete the settings file and allow DirectX to configure the filters automatically.
The program was tested with the following filters:

  • Mediamatics - DVD Express default for SkyStar2 card, to use the Audio decoder the option "Full Audio PES" in SkyView must be switched on

  • Elecard - some problems with video, switch off "Use Overlay". The only filter which allows almost with no problems PiP work. The package contains also an AC3 audio filter (e.g.: TVN@Hotbird, Pro7@Astra)

  • Cyberlink - video decoder all right, audio decoder for Mono sound channels works with errors which prevent usage - disqualified

  • InterVideo - moody Video decoder, I do not recommend using it but IMHO it has the best Audio decoder

  • Sonic Solutions - Cinemaster DS Video Decoder - IMHO fastest, but of poor quality. Works fine with InterVideo audio decoder
Register entries for SkyAVC.ax filter:

    • 0 - disabled (default)
    • 1 - detect audio params when graph build/rebuild

    • 0 - disabled (default)
    • 1 - detect video params when graph build/rebuild

    • 1 - mono (default)
    • 2 - stereo - used only when previous settings are equal zero

    • Valid IP address of server or "" if SkyAVC.ax works as server

    • IP port number for client-server connection, if not exist default 8707 port is used
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                    wersja z 12-05-2013
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